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Food Storage Made Easy Has baby steps checklists that get sent to you weekly for a year if you sign up for their newsletter, or you can download them on the site.  They have lots of good articles on everything from making bread to starting your own small scale chicken/egg production.  They have a tracker chart that helps you keep track of what you have and what you need to get for a year supply that you can download, etc.  Definitely worth checking out. 3-month supply in 3 steps Shows you a way to make sure you have 3 months of meals with everything you need to prepare them.  Very clever idea, doable, and easy to follow.

What about expiration dates?

Expiration dates on canned food is really sell by dates for the stores.  Canned food, so long as the seal is in tact and the can is neither dented or expanding, is good forever.  You may lose a small percentage of nutritional value over long periods of time, but not enough to justify throwing it out.  A can of beans with 5% less vitamins in it is still a heck of a lot more nutrition and food value than nothing if you can't go to the store.  Of course the best option is to keep rotating your food so the stored food is the freshest it can be. 


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